Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doodle in it's new home :-)

Thank you for sending the pic... Love the flowers!
Doodle's new home!Doodle's new home!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kentucky doodle

Has been delivered :-)
I'm trying to remember to get a pic of each doodle before I mail it out, but have already forgotten a couple.

Three more doodles today

Yay!!! I swilled some coffee, sat down, and commenced to doodling this evening. I'm not sure if I should mention any names (out of respect for folk's privacy) so I'm sticking to only mentioning local - unless somone sends a picture I can post or wants to comment.

First thing Monday morning, doodles will be headed out to Houston and Austin.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Doodle #7 will be going out soon...

This awesome contributor to the Doodle Project asked if she could choose a doodle-subject. Good idea! Anyone who would like to request something, please include it in the Paypal comments section. I can't make any promises, but will do my absolute best to fulfill your expectation.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florida, You've been Doodled!

Thank you so much for sharing your picture :-)

Doodle #6

In the mail! Woot!

So out of curiosity, I did the math... 1000 doodles means $4550 has been contributed. I know, this is WAY down the road a piece, but good to think it out in advance.

$4550 should be enough to get started on something substantial and I think I will make it an "official" milestone. I will need to sit down with the person whom this is going to and let her know what we've been doing AND get her input as to what she would like to start work on first. It ought to be an interesting meeting, I have absolutely no idea how she would react to this sort of thing - but I know I can and will convince her to accept.

Then, it will be time to start having people come out to her place to give estimates.

I'm pretty certain if I can envision this all the way through it is bound to happen (think positive!)

First Doodle Reply!

Yay! Austin, Texas has been officially doodled!

You know what this means, right? THIS is evidence that I mean bidness with the doodle-thing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another doodle in the mail today

I can't help but feel a tinge of personal accomplishment with getting these doodles in the mail. I am the WORST letter writer in the whole world, NO, I am THE BEST never-writer in the whole world. Who knows what might come next, maybe even get some packages out that I've been meaning to do for years in some cases.

Monday, June 15, 2009

5 days and 5 peoples

Past weekend plans changed unexpectedly and i missed getting 2 doodles in the mail before Saturday pickup. But I ran out at lunch today and sent them off. I came to the conclusion that sending larger flat doodles using the USP document mailer is not going to work out. Postage for 2 doodles came to a little over $4... so I think I need to stick to smaller doodles that can be mailed with a regular envelope and regular 44-cent 1st class postage.

It's been five days since the "official start" of this thing and five folks have contributed to the cause - THANK YOU! I'm surprised, as this IS the internet and it's not easy to trust what a person's intentions are all about. I could easily be planning on taking all the donations and running off to Iceland, New Zealand, Scotland, or Tahiti even... let me assure you I'm not.

I'm going to pick up a book of stamps, a smaller sketch pad, and some envelopes, and keep them with me all the time so as soon as I find out some one has donated, i can get their doodle out as quickly as possible.

I hope this takes off. It would be great to accomplish something nice.

If it is okay with folks, please send me pics of your doodle in it's new happy home, with you, or your pets, or on your fridge, whatever...and I'll start posting 'em here, or just leave a comment if photos aren't an option, I would love to hear back from you.

Doodles have gone out to Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Connecticut... who knows which state is next????