Monday, July 27, 2009

Doodles mailed out

Last week I sent off those two doodles, one to Austin and the other to Houston. Unfortunately, in my haste to get them mailed off I once again forgot to get a picture of them for the record. This time around I felt like being a little more creative than the standard doodle might require and used some water color pencils. It reminded me of those old water color paint books you could get as a kid where all you had to do was paint with water to "activate" the dry paint color printed on the page.


Sage Rose said...

Michael, this is gorgeous!

I mean I was just going for a silly doodle and I got this beautiful symbolic depiction of a sage green rose, and it is embraced by a couple of images that appear in my paintings -- the blackbird and the moon! I'm sure you never saw my work, just picked up these images off the ether somehow, which is incredibly cool. We kindred souls are all so connected.

You are so incredibly intuitive, wonderfully talented, and sweet as can be.

Michael-Ann said...

Howdy Sage Rose! and thank you for such nice words... I'm so glad you liked it. Funny, even doodles make me nervous.

Cheers to you and yours!